P.O.V.: Spider-Man: Homecoming

Did I like it?

A small yes. A big no.

I may be very, I don’t know, overexaggerating if I said it’s the worst MCU film. But it kinda is. It tried to be a lot and, even though it manages to do so, fails hard at some points. Yes, it had humor, action, drama, emotions, visceral camera work. Yet, it lacked the usual ambition MCU films display. Either with strong writing, or strong directing, or some other factors. I was baffled, but it had a total of six screenwriters. Maybe that has been the problem.

– Now on home video

The beginning of the movie, I won’t spoiler, was neither funny nor necessary. Peter makes a little vlog, it tries to catch up with the MCU timeline. Even though it was kinda “cool”; it also annoyed me a lot. The constanct: “Oh, this is so cool. This is so awesome. This is unbelievable.” Just no. Couldn’t there be a more diverse range of reactions? It was just not as funny or engaging as it tried to be.

– The first act

There are two type of things when it comes to film making: Either it is relevant to the plot. Or it is not relevant to the plot. Dialogue can be relevant to the plot. Certain shots; scenes. Entire sequences or set pieces. Most movies first act is used to explain the mythology, the characters and everything surrounding it. This movie’s first act was a boring mish mash of scenes. He goes to school, he tries to be Spider-Man. And that’s all. It could have been used to maybe explain the backstory (even though many would claim that we all know his backstory), but not this Spider-Man’s. Maybe they will explain it in the sequel; I don’t know.

+ The natural Spider-Man

What I did like, and liked a lot, was the realization of Spider-Man’s movement and presentation. I liked the fluid, fast and smooth movements of him and how he was represented in that certain type of environment. I.e. where we see him swing or jump or something. I thought The Amazing Spider-Man did it right; this one did it the best. The scenes of him being Spider-Man were simply engaging and very fun to watch.

+ The Dutch Spider-Man

And as much as I liked Spider-Man, I also liked Tom Holland. He is talented, knows how to shine in every scene and convey a realistic way of how he plays Peter Parker. From the awkward scene, to the sad scenes, to the emotional scenes; he knows how to nail it all the time. It was a delight to watch. I haven’t seen him in other movies as of now, but I think he will be one of the big ones in the future. I may overexaggerating things once again, but my point of view is clear: He. Can. Act.

– Neddy

I don’t know if it’s the script or the actor. Probably some of both. Ned only had constance surprise or constant admiring on his card. I am not sure how to put it. He simply is just the best friend of Peter Parker. It would have been better if he was Harry Osborne. That would have at least some sense and filled a certain role. Heck, they gave M.J. a character, why not Harry? This character, aside from hacking or coding skill, had no real depth or interesting arc to follow through. It was just a waste…

Bottom line: MovieBob was right*

*His point of view is, that Sam Raimi’s first two Spider-Man’s movies are still the best Spider-Man movies. And I agree.

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