P.O.V.: MacGyver (2016) – Episodes 1-12

Did I like it?


I have not seen the original series from the 80’s and I only know the stories my father told me about it. The big difference between both versions is that the 80’s show as about MacGyve as a lone wolf that is likable and charming. And the remake is about a cocky MacGyver with a team at his hand. I can’t confirm the first claim, but after watching the first half of the season, I can say that Lucas Till is as likeable as it can get. The character is nice, educated, polite and friendly. I like him. Let’s get going.

+ Not your average Joe

Wow. Just wow. The plots are above average, polished and very good. Be it the episode with the Russian bomb or the plot with the drug boss in prison. It always gives a good spin onto some already known and used plot points. The way its presented exceeds my usual level of excitement for a show. It’s even better than my much beloved Supernatural. (Even though you can’t compare tv-shows.) I like the way it begins, how it’s being handled and how it ends. Very weill executed. Well done.

+ Tinkering with tinkering

The ‘gimmick’ of the show is the making of tools and usage of ordinary objects to solve complex problems and harsh sitations. And wow, that is so much fun to watch: (And you can learn a thing or two if you pay attention.) I always think: How is he going to get out of this and then he comes up with a solution that always baffles me. Again, I can’t compare it to the original but this one, oh boy, is fun.

– Bozer snozer

I can’t find a huge interest in this character. He seems to not serve any purpose and always feels out of place. For the first half, they did not give him much to do. He only is there. He does not quip or quirk. He does not joke or rant. He is just there. I don’t know if he plays a bigger role in the future, but besides giving MacGyver a friend, there is nothing to do with him. And the acting is not very… I don’t want to judge his talent; but it is not very engaging. He always either smiles or makes a neutral face. Not much to get excited about as a viewer. I am sorry.

– Riley and rules

Mhm. She is the typical, clished and somewhat conservative hacker-type. And I mean her characterization and not the character herself. She is the hacker and hacks stuff. In a very old-fashioned way. “Oh, here, check his data.” And then there is a file and all data is exposed. “Oh, here, check his communication.” And then there is everything ready to be wire-tapped. This is more a critizism of the arche-type i.e. the hacker. Riley itself is snarky and tough. Something rare for a women’s role and even rarer for a TV-show. I can live with her.

Bottom line: I am happy there will be a second season.

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