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Creative and Honest Argumentation for a New and Glorious Endeavor


If we want to see change in this world; we have to look closer. Because you cannot change the world. You cannot change a resource-based economy into a sustainable one. You cannot convince economics, scientists, scholars or politicians to change the system to prevent earth from dying. You cannot stop idiots from buying sex, drugs, adrenaline kicks, fun or things they invest in, in order to make even more money. You won’t convince anyone from a different system because people lack the general ability to question things. And further more: lack the imagination to imagine a radically different world. In one sentence: we are screwed.

You may not change the world. Yet, you may try to change the people living in it. Because – even though we have millions and billions of idiots – some people are not dumb. Some people fight for the environment, for better politics, better circumstances, or simply rights. Such people deserve to live in a world that belongs to them. A world that they can contribute to; they can live in peacefully; they can exist in a long, sustainable and nature-leaned life. There is a simple rule: as soon as iditos are in the minority – they cease to exist. The problem is not dictators, no, not CEOs, no, not corrupt bureaucrats, no; the problem is the blind follower; the careless sheep: the idiot. 

When we think on idiots, there are a few key factors to consider. They spread chaos. They are prone to sex and violence. They lack the ability to think for themselves. They have little to no imagination. These people experience joy in other peope’s demise and even death. They are constantly annoyed and offended. They are critisizing and driving people into oblivion and even further. Such people are not real humans. They have no conscious, no sense for right and wrong, no sense for justice and humanity. These people are born with a life without meaning, live a life without meaning, and die for a life without meaning. 

Also, the problem may not even the idiot in itself. The problem is his careless and non-minded activities and behavior. Before we continue, let’s look at our current global system mostly made by and executed: capitalism. This won’t be about capitalism. This will be about the effects of capitalism. One effect is the concept of work. You have to work in order to earn money. You have to earn money to pay the rent. You have to pay rent in order to live a half-way decent life. This simple circle dictates all life around the entire globe. From America to Europe to Asia and back again. You cannot escape this system. You cannot say ‘no’ to the system. You cannot live without money. These rules dictate you to have a job. (Even terrible ones.) You have to pay taxes. (Which is not bad in itself. I just mention it to make my point.) This system – capitalism – destroys us. It destroys the entire globe in order for the 1% of the global population to make even more money.

This system has a certain quirk which drives its core. The core is called growth. This concept makes the system so hard to cancel and destroy. The econmies in the world need to grow in order to survive. When the economy does not grow; the economy falls into a state of regression which inevtiably makes the economy crash and burn. The economy shrinks and inflation hits, which brings the country to its brink and eventual failure. 

The problem of an economy that can only grow is its resource-based structure. To sum it all up: we destroy the only planet we have. We need sand, sweet water, phosphor, wood, gas, oil, rare earths and other elements. And the end can be simply determined: the whole capitalistic system will die one way or another. At one point we won’t have these resources anymore. No, I not a doom-and-gloom person who sees an apocalyptic future; I am just realistic. Resources are not endless. And we do not have any alternatives as of now. But – and – before we run out of resources; we will run into climate change. Climate change will change everything. People flee their countries, New York and parts of the Netherlands get flood. Heat which brings drought; cold which brings destruction. Climate change is very, very real. 

We must change the system. But we can’t. We must change the people. But the people don’t want to. I know my efforts are fruitless and will definitively fail. Yet, I want to present my personal vision for a better world anyway. (It can’t get worse anyway.) In my personal vision for a better future for our planet and species; machines take over. (Not literally.) We replace as many jobs as possible with machines. Office jobs, cashiers, factory workers. The more jobs are being replaced; the small the system itself becomes. This means that less people are employed and the the economy itself becomes smaller. We could use this simple premise as a starting point for a transformation. 

We could use this idea to free the people from the concept of work itself and give them the freedom to decide for themselves. People should do what people want to do instead of doing what they’re being told. In this autonomous world with machines and less employment; we can think up an entirely new concept of how we want to live. Of how we want to spend our life here on earth. I think that, if we put the individual into the focus. The individual needs, interests and abilities; we would benefit. 

The individual itself should be the starting point of how the people on earth want to live and spend their time. Right now we are just big, stupid masses of monkey and morons. The people only express themselves in clothing or jewelry. An individual consists of so much more. I would say that people should try to begin to think and analyze themselves. By trying to think, and by learning to look at yourself in the mirror, people would become better people in general.

If we stopped enforcing the system of capitalism that destroys the planet, and started enforcing a system of restoration and re-naturalizing, we could restore earth itself. We could clean the oceans, clean the air, plant new forests, etc. But here lies a crucial crux I presented at the beginning: It’s an all-intrusive system. To make my point once again: If we want a radically different world. We need radically different people. First we downsize the economies. Here lies the crux hidden in plain sight. Our economies need to grow; not to shrink. This makes saving the world impossible to begin with. As we age and grow older and less new people are born; we can downsize the countries around the world. The population shrinks, the economy shrinks and we downsize the economies.

Then we reduce the population. I can already hear how stupid and inhumane this would be. You get me wrong. I don’t want to dictate who can and cannot; how much and how little. I want people to use condoms. Those who want kids can have them. Just only so much they can actually nourish and raise. The third world should learn to restrict themselves when it comes to getting babies. There is no other way. After we reduced the population we can install as many machines as possible. We should globally work together to invent as many machines as possible to replace workers. This means people are free to do whatever they want. The economy is not main focus anymore. It’s only the people. The one, single person on the street can roam free without rent, loan or income.

Then we try to transform democracy into a neutral democracy. Where people gather by idea and not by ideology. This means people who want more freedom gather in one faction. Other who want more independence in the other one. The people only fight for the best idea; not the best ideology it represents. Then we try to teach the people the ‘only need-idea’. This means that people can have everything they want for free as long as they need it only. You can have a television for free. If it’s broke; you’d get a new one. This can be applied to bicycles, cars, wrist watches. The goal would be to individualize the products as much as possible. It’s not like socialism or communism. It’s the individual needs who matter the most. You can have every t-shirt you want. But only ten! That’s enough. You only get what you truly need. We can reduce resources and save the environment.

The we try to establish an entirely new and global system of education. So that every person on earth gets the same education as everyone else. (My ‘standard people’-idea.) This would establish a global idea of how we want to engage with each others. With the same education everyone would be equal. Everyone has the same conditions to start with. Everyone would benefit. The next step would be finding a way to reduce resource use and make better use of recycling. We should install a system that rewards this. Old phones, televisions, refrigerators, etc, should not be piled up or sent or Africa. We must develop machines and mechanisms that recycle every resource we have. From every possible part. Things like rare earths or other important things like copper and gold are not endless. We must change the way we deal with resources.

And how to we handle essential things like trade? Well, for my part, trading is a thing of the past. Trading things is the most basic mechanism human civilization has developed. We trade since we became the modern homo sapiens. The sooner we begin to only produce what people need and reduce the usage of resources, the sooner we can save the planet. Instead of producing and endless amount (or how much a company wants to produce), we only produce so much we actually need. I, again, will hear my critics say I would promote communism. I am not doing that. The research and development won’t stop. We can recycle old televisions and produce new ones. The entire production is not being stopped; just reduced. People should only get what they truly need.

Money is a system only 1% of the entire population benefits from. 1% has more money than the rest of the world. As we get rid of the economy, we naturally get rid of the monetary system. How would we handle things then? By simple getting it. This, again, sounds like communism for my critics, hear me out. Imagine you needed a bike; you would get it. You need a car? You get it. You need bread and yoghurt? You’d simply get it. Imagine a super market you could choose whatever you wanted without actually buying it. That’s my point. Of course we had to implement mechanisms to restrict overuse and abuse of the system. But that’s the human factor. 

To finish my ‘vision’. Our current system is not sustainable. And I am not idealist and stupid enough to say that my version is any better. I see that people suffer. People suffer in Africa, in poorer countries, people in war zones, people who are poor in the first world. Most people do not benefit from capitalism. And we see – around the globe! – that people more and more are fed up with the world itself. People are simply not able enough to see a better world. My personal vision puts those into focus. Those who have enough will already have enough in the future. Those who have nothing will be able to live a life in dignity. To sum it up. Climate change is our chance to replace capitalism with a truly free world. And if climate change won’t make it; a deserted wasteland will do. (If it wouldn’t be too late then.)

Run with me.

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N. Burg is a writer. He discovered his passion for writing at the age of 17. Since then he wrote a vast body of work. He also likes reading, cats, the manga One Piece, and thinking.

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