Just One Thought: China’s atom bomb

If you’re an educated person who reads and spreads his wings to reach out for new horizons, or you just happened to watch Last Week Tonight (doesn’t matter), you are aware of the new social score system in China. And if you don’t do: Educate yourself. It is very important to know about such developments. Not only because it is China, (and it’s always good to know about other countries development), but because its regime did implement a system that may end up in our Western countries too. Which would be an absolute disasters. But I don’t want to overexertion.

Short summary. The social score system dictates your life in China. The better you are, the better the chances for a credit for example. Or, the better you are, the better your apartment can be. On the other hand: The worse you are worse your life will be. You will be publicly known as a bad person. Just a small example. What does this mean? This is basically nothing but regime-induced paranoia and fear or loss of their social status. And the implications are endless.

What if you don’t get a good job anymore? Or your neighbors know about your social score? What if you don’t find a partner because the other person judges you by your score? We all know that China is not a free country. It is a regime and autocracy. (And for my part a dictatorship.) It can do whatever it wants with its people. But that doesn’t matter right now. What does matter is the outcome of this: A totally superficial, paranoid, angst-driven and ridden country. I may overexertion here, but I want to make my point. Also but, I must admit that Chinese citizens do not have a problem with such a system. Which may be mainly due to their live in China itself or the propaganda. 

Such a system could be implemented in Western countries too. People already judge others by their status and followers. Only a tiny fraction of a system like in China, but due to the data in America’s concerns; it could be easily implemented. Even thought it will probably not. The question though is not the score system; but the surveillance in incorporates. Here are coming two parts together: One one hand the already existing surveillance across all Western countries. And on the other hand: A system that judges us by it. Because it doesn’t matter if it is a public system. A hidden one would be one. And that would be worse than the one in China.

Okay, okay. My point here is greatly overexerted. But that doesn’t matter. We should be vigilant observers and must always think of how and when a system can be implemented in our countries. Our democracies are not bullet proof. (See U.S.A., Italy, Austria or Hungary.) More and more autocratic forces gather and try to destroy what is left of our democracies. And now think on China. Exactly.

Just One Thought: China studies

To make one thing clear from the start: I do not like the people’s republic of China. Why you may ask? Because it is not a democracy. Because it is a dictatorship. Because it censors its press and internet. Because it executes innocent people. (The actual number of executions is unknown. NGO’s assume it’s a few thousands each year.) Because it wants to rule the world. Okay, I exaggerate. To make the point differently: Because it’s buying the world. Because democracies do trade with China with being fully aware of its lack of any human rights.

China is a difficult case. How do we deal with China properly? Should we invade China? Should we try a regime change? Should we force them to become a democracy? It is so difficult because China will never become a democracy. Every communist regime that has been overpowered never returned to power. And China knows this. It will never let go. And doing business with China is deeply immoral. (The first world wouldn’t trade with African dictators either.)

And China is already on the verge to rule the world. It buys companies and corporations all over the world. It secures resources in Africa and creates jobs in the process too. And China is smart. It’s not as stupid as America which only knows coups as a valid method to rule the world. (i.e. seeking influence.) China is careful, patient and very progressive. And that makes China is so scary and dangerous.

China’s way is one way only: To the top. And we – the free people of the first world – must try to stress changes. We may not evoke a Chinese democracy, but may be some democratic rights like freedom of speech. Which may sound unrealistic, but is necessary. Maybe we can link trade with conditions like my idea I aforementioned. It is no democracy and does not want to spread and “export” democracy like other nations. Because China is not being nice.

Just One Thought: Legalize it

I think that legalizing weed is surrendering. The only reason this disgusting drug is legalized because our countries cannot educate and prevent enough. No. Wrong. I mean it is true. But there is another reason: Money. Just because you can make a lot of money from it; losers can smoke that terrible, terrible drug. Why is this text called ‘Legalized it’?

Because we should legalize all drugs. Why the secrecy? Why the prosecution? Let people destroy theirs bodies? Why not? Because it’s addicting? Why do keep this stuff in the shadows instead of being open and honest about it? Cocaine, LSD, and any other drug. (I only know these two.) Let the people consume it? We could end the war on drugs and let people do what they want. Okay. I stop now.

I once heard: “You cannot win the war on drugs. You have to fight him anyway.” The war on drugs gets crushed by reality: We don’t do enough prevention. We must tell people that curiosity and drugs are a bad match. People do drugs for the dumbest reason and the World Health Organization has to step in and help the nations out. The war on drugs must become a war on junkies.

We should not allow addicts to take their drugs in secured areas and institutions. Junkies must be encouraged to do rehab and fight their addiction. We should go into schools and inform the people. Our nations are not doing enough. Otherwise we see what happens: Black markets and endless cycles of destruction. People had a choice to do drugs and with the first one consumed – they loose it.

The answer to weed is neither legalization nor prosecution; it’s clarification. But it’s the old dance. We got billions for military but not a few 100k for some prevention programs. In the end we spend billions on the war on the drugs where millions for helping programs would do so much more. Nobody sees the madness in this. For my part? I drink juice, walk a few times a week and when I need a few minutes of a clear state of mind I shower. That are my drugs. Harmless and more effective than any other drug.

Just One Thought: Have you ever stopped to notice

People join gangs. They go to war. They command drones. They’re imprisoned in labor camps. People are suppressed, prosecuted, gagged. They’re being executed. They do drugs. They kill animals on safaris. They destroy the environment for resources. They troll people on social media. They protest. They eat too much and exercise too little. What these things have in common? It’s all bloody pointless. It is stupid, needless and destructive.

This thought is sponsored by the History Channel. Okay, not really. My country doesn’t provide it. But some channels offer plenty of documentaries about history like the Third Reich, the German Democratic Republic and the Soviet Union. And what do these things have in common? They sparked the thought of pointlessness regarding to our world. I am comparing people living in dictatorships with free democracies here. It’s all equally pointless.

„Pointless? What do you mean?“ I saw those old footage of people in classrooms, or video of education of the Stasi, or footage of military parades. And I couldn’t ignore how our species its history is filled by a few hundred or thousands of people only working to secure their power and might while suppressing, killing and torturing their people. It is like this since the dawn of what we call ‘civilization.’ Be it ancient Greece, those great empires of the Romans or Mongolia.

I hate to see that all people just… be there. People are born into suppression and serve their life aiding the upper ten-thousand. It is so sad. At least it makes me sad. I mean, you have no choice but to live a live without freedom and expression and you are shackled into a system you neither like nor support. You are a tool for the regime. You provide to sustain the system. Without any chance. Without any choice. But I’m talking about dictatorships now. Why do I say it is ‘equally pointless?’ Because this hasn’t changed much.

I am aware that we – most of us – live in free democracies. We are not shackled anymore. We aren’t tools for propaganda and can whatever we want. Travel and hike, buy a car or bike and express ourselves in which way ever we want. Yet: It is all pretty pointless equally. We are not serving a purpose like the meaning of life or maybe God. We are not using our time to do something that lasts. We waste our time with consumerism and consumption. I don’t think life is without purpose. I think what we do on earth is.

That’s what being blind means. People move in a straight line and aren’t noticing anything around them. The homeless, the pollution, climate change, or simpler things like the lack of love and compassion or the lack of individualism and the lack of advocacy for change. In simpler terms: People are too ignorant. People are sleeping. And the outcome is the end of our world. Only because people do what they’re being told to do and aren’t able to filter, reflect and react with their own conclusion.

And it is so sad because only a small minority sees this. I wish I could write a song and make it a hit and tell them. But even Michael Jackson couldn’t make someone notice. And many others failed too. I am only stating a problem without a solution. I know. What could defeat ignorance? When an Inconvenience Truth and Food, Inc. aren’t doing? Activists and signature aren’t doing it? Maybe a more strict, direct and, I may say, harsh approach. You must talk more strict and less beating around the bush. 

People must know that meat consumption kills the planet and that their plastic cups destroy the environment. People must learn to gain awareness and consequence of their actions. „Because of your behavior the planet dies!“ It might not reach out to all but we don’t need everyone. We need a critical mass and those will help finding more. Like a domino effect. We finally must try to destroy ignorance. I want everyone on one page; all on our side. We must save the world. But we can only do it together. 

Just One Thought: The cold rises

A German woman writing for ‘Der Spiegel’ said – not word for word, or in itself – that the aggressive and disrespectful behavior on the internet affects people in real life to become as aggressive and disrespectful as people on the internet. She did not say it, this was my conclusion. And it blew my mind. It makes so much sense and yet it worries me even more. As we all see around the globe; certain trends have emerged and our global community is going into the dumps.

Let’s iterate: Rise of nationalism in the America and Western democracies. (Most of the time members of the EU.) Rise of aggressive, anti-social, disrespectful, downright cold and inhuman behavior. Rise of conspiracy theorists induced by fake news and troll fabrics. We see it everywhere. It is like cancer that spreads and infests entire countries in a manner of a few years. And we see it everywhere.

We see in Germany for example that medics, police men and doctors being attacked for their effort to do their job and saving someone’s life. We see that right-wing movements manifested themselves as Alt Right in America or ‘Identitären’ in Germany and Austria. We see that youngsters arm themselves in London and stab each other to death. (The death toll is higher than in New York.) Our world gets gradually worse each year. (At least it seems. Or it at least seems so to me.)

As I stated before: It is not about taboos anymore. It is about the lack of shame. And people do everything nowadays. People attack, insult, kill; people seem to have lost the tiny part humanity in them. This trend worries me a lot since, as we know – or I know my –species is not only able to do the cruelest things imaginable, it will also do it. (Tortures in black sites or North Korea for example.) To make my point: How worse will it become? How terrible will we treat each other? Will carrying knives and guns become a necessary thing to defend yourself? Are we even able to stop this epidemic?

And when we talk about stopping this move into this direction, how do we want to do it? I think this “trend” is a chance to employ more humanity. For social workers to go to schools and prisons to reach out to younger people. To employ psychologists and therapists in bad boroughs. To embrace positive and humanistic behavior in our society. If we want to fight for a better world and change to a more positive picture; fighting the freezing cold society may be a chance.

Just One Thought: No to evil

If you are a CEO. If you are a lumber jack corp in Burma. If you are a smartphone manufacturer. There is only one word I want to throw at you: No. This is not your planet. These are not your resources. Not your oil, sand or wood. This is not your world. This is not your task on this planet. This is not supposed to happen. Your profit does not legitimate this madness. In one word: No.

People suffer needlessly. And all of them are innocent. Because innocent people suffer the most. People in camps in the desert, people entrapped in war-ridden countries, people trying to flee their life without a perspective in order to live like every human was supposed to live: In peace, harmony, wealth and safety. I say no to every evil person trying to actually benefit from this.

Evil is a bottomless pit. There is no limit of how evil a person can be. From a lie, to a robbery, to murder, to genocide. You people were fascinating to observe and analyze. Only due to your behavior, which only destroys and suppresses, I was able to find the antidote to your oozing madness. The governments and administrations around the globe cannot fight you. But money in the right place does. Things like therapy, meditation and contemplation will dry the water underneath the flow that keeps you afloat.

As long as evil is not confronted with their actions; nothing will change. Evil must practice being human by breaking their mind. Not in an evil sense; like secret services do while torturing for example. Evil is a long, vast, years in development big stone inside someone’s mind. And only a small crack makes it crumble and finally break. How do we stop jihadists? How do we stop anti-Semitism? With calm, focused and concrete reflection. It is harder than it sounds. Just like evil; ignorance is a bottomless pit too. 

But we can use a ‘cheat’ so to speak. Evil works in groups. There are few standalone evil individuals in this world. When the first one reflects and reconsiders; it would spread like wildfire to others. The evil majority must be re-programmed this way. As long as they have something in common; something they can share in order to feel useful and needed, they will not stop. We must use the human mind against them. This is only a drop into the ocean, yet it matters a lot. We could at least try it.

Just One Thought: A farewell to gaming

The following blog post almost breaks my heart. I may overexertion, but… it kinda does. I’ve been a gamer since I first saw my grandmother playing Doctor Mario on the NES. She had a NES and introduced me to the medium. My first game was Kirby’s Adventure. (Also for the NES.) I grew up with Ocarina of Time, did not understand Majora’s Mask, played Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1-4 and had a blast playing Mario Party with friends. I grew up. But games – did not.

My farewell is basically frustration about the stagnation of the medium itself. The games did not evolve over the past 10 to 15 years. We still have abysmal campaigns, terrible progression systems in multiplayer mode, loot boxes, and a bastardized approach to monetization. Generic white dudes, overly sexualized female characters; it sucks. You may say: Gaming is fine! I say: No. There is so little talent involved it is hilariously awful.

There is only two good studios: Valve and Blizzard. And like hundreds of other smaller studios who steal their ideas back and forth. I wonder how little it takes to please gamers. Things like billions of alpha games on Steam. Like 95% are crappy games. Games the developer had no vision or idea. “Modern” game design has never evolved. But I did. I want more.

Games have a certain unfulfilled potential. To immerse and soak you into a fantastical world. Rarely achieved though. You have Shadow of the Colossus or BioShock. Rare instances where real talent was involved. But that’s it. I can count like only 10 games that were good in the past 20 years. It’s a joke. For my part: I want better writing, better directing; better games.

I am a mature person now. And I want mature games. (And no, just because is rated M for Mature does not make it mature.) I want to be taken seriously. I want games to explore characters and put emphasis on development and mature themes. The way sex is handled is a good point of how immature it is. (Keyword: God of War.) I’d love to play a game that differed from the norm. Gaming has to evolve. But I’m sure it won’t. So that’s my farewell.

We had a good time, gaming. I loved your news outlets, podcasts and debates within the community. I will go away now. Away from you. We will see us never again. A glorious return may be possible… but probably is not.

Good-bye, my old friend.

POP! One Piece at a Time #1: The One Piece live action show

Well, first of all: I am skeptical. I mean, how can you translate the One Piece world into the real world? Ain’t that damn expensive? The whole powers, the world and its locations, the colorful characters and their most of the time unusual outfit. It would look sort of goofy in real life. But don’t mind my scepticism. It will probably a good show. I am not doubting the producers and the production itself; just the idea of having One Piece depicted in a live action scenario.

The bigger question is though: What kind of story will be used? Will it be an original plot? An adapted plot? Something in between… ? Whatever plot it is, I hope it fits the tone of the series: Lighthearted and friendly. (Even though many get killed and beaten up very badly.) I hope it catches its spirit and driving force of the original manga. Maybe the plot is a spin-off. My idea for a One Piece spin-off would be to follow the other Supernovae and their travel across the Grand Line.

The good thing is that Oda-san functions as one of the producers. This means it will have the usual quality storytelling we’re used to. He will provide the needed passion to pull something like this off. I believe he will be as good as the movies counting from Strong World upwards. He knows how to do this properly. The question is how much the production company is going to invest to make it as good as possible. This question cannot be answered until we see the first trailer.

Considering this announcement: I am hyped. I love to see One Piece grow even bigger and to gain and attract more viewers and get drawn into the story like we – the fans – already are. I can’t wait to be honest. It will take a while until we see but as I pointed out the sections before, It will probably be very, very good. And even when it sucks, what I highly doubt, at least it has been tried to translate it into live actions.

Point is: I will give it a watch.

Super Detective: Chapter 5 -The Case of Madam Eis, Part 2


The Hillsight View Agency uses codenames because due to the all-knowing internet it could happen that employees get known or even threatened. What happened before.

The New Berlin Therapy and Correction Center for Criminals and Persons of Individual Problems 

That is the entire – and somewhat lengthy – name of the prison ten kilometers East of New Berlin. It is a rather quiet and clean prison with no gangs or highly criminal people. Inmates aren’t mixed and taken as equal in 2050. People with murder get into a different prison than someone who committed tax fraud. This was decided to get more clean and more secure prisons. (The conditions for each prisons will be explained later.)

The reason for Miles its imprisonment are kind of unclear. All he ever said that he “got tricked”. What; and for what reason is still not clear. He got imprisoned in building 4, ward 2. The entire prison has 6 buildings and 2 wards each; which makes 12 wards in total. Their organization is central and the same everywhere. They are twenty cells each ward, which makes 240 cells with 2 inmates, which makes a total of 440 inmates. 

Miles used his time imprisoned for studying criminology and actually earning a degree. (He has gotten his degree two weeks after being discharged.) When he did not study, he spent his time reading. He read the books of an author named Harold Halpburn, a self-proclaimed guru and coach. His books are about self-fulfillment and expression of someone’s mind. He used his techniques for life quality to sharpen his abilities of deduction. 

There are plenty of activities within the prison. Art therapy, yoga, boxing, working as a cook or as a waiter. The world of 2050 treats prisoners as humans who need to reflect and being confronted with their crime. Simply keeping them in a cage has been dismissed in this fictional future. These people should learn and evolve to get away from crime and misdeeds. These people should become righteous persons and not do the same shit again after being discharged.

Miles its cell partner was a man named Warren Bess, who committed fraud at the stock market. (He never explained it to Miles, and Miles had no interest in understanding it.) Both became good friends and helped each other in outsmarting the personnel with psychology and using loop holes in human behavior. Both excelled. Miles got discharged after 3 years. Only to never look back. Ever.