POP!: Broken Bridges – Diablo IV

Diablo has been defeated. Peace has been restored to the lands of Sanctuary. The angels returned to the heavens and the demos have been banished. What could come next? Simply repeating the formula? A new Diablo? An old Diablo newly emerging? No. Even though it is called “Diablo”, the enemy is not Diablo himself. It is simply his soul. Damaged and wounded, Diablo retreated to his home – hell – and is plotting to rage across the lands once more. I am your Narrative Consultant.

The game begins with a cinematic of Lea writing down a book of the events of Diablo 3 and its Add-On. She monologues about her fight and the struggle to defeat Diablo. Then, it is a bright and shiny day, she hears a voice yelling. She approaches the window to see her husband Luke doing some yardwork. Both chit chat a bit as her eyes become pitch black for a brief moment. Then turn back to normal. Luka asks “Leah? You okay?” She replies with a yes. Then she hears a voice saying “I am … immortal. Bound to this world …” And she scares. She rushes to her bookshelf and tries to find a spell. Then Luke scares. She rushes back to the window, seeing a demon attacking Luke. She casts a spell and defeats it. She approaches Luke who asks “back in the days, huh?”. Leah summons a portal and both enter it. The cutscene ends.

Now we change to bird’s perspective. Where they are hidden in a cellar. A General explains that demons have been sighted across Sanctuary. A nearby soldier, an unnamed person who is going to be the played, is being asked to investigate. And so, the game begins. The first Level is called Fields of Wishes, a small field of wheat and apple trees. He follows the trails of demon’s blood and finds a small egg. Then, all of a sudden, a mysterious voice calling himself Demonica states that “the king will live forever. Bound to this world. Bow down to your new master!” And the egg hatches a small demon. The player is riddled and doesn’t know how to react, as a portal appears and Leah enters through it, the former little demon grows int a huge Diablo. The heaven casts a light, but the player and Leah flee through a portal. A few angels come down and fight the Diablo and defeating him, leaving him weakened, leaving with a warning line that goes by “Do not disturb the Godly ways!” The earth begins to shake and a huge crater appears and the land is flooded by demons once more. Diablo flees into the abyss. We CUT TO: the hometown, which is overrun by demons. Leah and Luke flee to retrieve “a very special artifact” and the player has to defeat the incoming demon horde. This is Level 2: The Town of Blight.

As the player defeats the last enemy, a small wisp-like soul emerges from the ground, it explains to be the fragment of the Diablo its soul, being able “to bring all evil to life”. It leaves into the distance, making more demons enter the town. The player leaves the town and arrives in Level 3: The Blackwidow Marsh. Here the player finds an old dagger, which is made from a finger of Diablo itself. The player has to purify it in order for it to use. Then he descends into the depths, finding an old temple, the player has win a small mini game in order to cleanse it. He succeeds and has a new weapon which can be attached to all given items the player has proceeding the game. The player leaves the Marsh for Level 4: Twin Spires.

Twin Spires are two big spires the player has to ascend in order to make contact with heaven in order to ask for help. On Spire I, he finds an infant angel named Ludiael, who claims “that all angels are in fear. Living a life in terror”. The player has to win another mini game and gets a small blessing that increases gained experience and deals more damage. Atop of Spire I awaits an Guardian Angel, which says he “cannot let unholy beings enter the gates of Heaven”. It comes to a fight. The player wins and gets teleported back to the entrance. Now he has to ascend Spire II, here he finds a “confused demon” who thinks he is an holy angel. The demon brags a bit about hell and Diablo, that “not all demons are created equal”. He vanishes into nowhere. Atop of Spire II awaits another Guardian Angel. At first it comes to a fight, at second the player has to solve three easy riddles. Afterwards the player enters Heaven; Level 5.

In Level 5: Heaven. Nothing is the same anymore. No holy architecture or bright, wide lights. It is a dreary, shadowy and dark place. (Almost like New York City.) Angels have lost their Holy Halo and are merely a bit stronger humans. The first level is overrun by demons and the player has to defeat them. The bossfight is against a demon dubbed “The Mauler”. He tells that “Diablo is rallying its troops and forces”. He is being defeated and the angel Tyrael appears, bringing everyone into safety. A small place called “The Enclave” represents the last forces of heaven, and that “all hope is lost. Diablo will win”. Then an attack occurs and the player enters Level 6: Broken Heaven.

It is basically an attack and the player has to defeat them. The bossfight is against “Diablo’s Phantom”, a shadow of Diablo who says he “cannot enter as of now”. Heaven is lost and all the forces who are left bring themselves into safety to Sanctuary. To a place called “The Light House”. A gigantic manor of holy artifacts and beings. Leah and Luke are already there. The player, Tyrael and the them talk a bit. Tyrael mentions and artifact known as “Speer of Michael”. It is said to be able to defeat Diablo and destroy his soul. All agree to search for it. And another attack breaks loose! This enters Level 7: The Light House Gardens.

The player defeats them all and enters the next Level. Level 8: The Ponds of Reflection. Here a lot of reflection of dead people and their souls roam the place. Enemies are not classical demons but pixies, fairies, water elementals and zombies (that don’t look like zombies). Here, the player has to find four little “Shard of the Broken Mirror” in order to restore the “Soul of Michael’s Speer”. The player succeeds and has to fight the “King of Shades”, a ghostly and shadowy figure. The soul is restored and Michael speaks from “an unknown and weird place he has no description of”. Michael says he is bound to a place called “Forest of Darkness”. The player enters the next level. Level 9: Forest of Darkness.

On this level, a lot of insects, birds, deer and ghosts attack the player. After reaching Michael’s place he is bound to; Diablo’s soul appears and kills Michael in front of their eyes. Then he escapes. And Michael’s last words are “find my … sister”. And Michael dies. The player only has his blessed soul left. All return to Luke and Leah. The player, Tyrael and the other two debate who his sister could be. Tyrael remembers. It is an entity known as “Guardian One”. An angel with much more power than ordinary angels. But the records and accords have no ideas where it could be. Then! Suddenly, Luke is being possessed by Diablo, who announces that “I am coming … Beware!”. And all hope is lost …

CUT TO: A woman fighting demons in “A far away part of Sanctuary”. The player switches the places and plays as this woman with unique abilities and one-liners. She defeats the last demon and meets a being called “The Prince of the Dark”. Both talk a bit, then a bossfight occurs. She defeats him and the player hears Michael’s voice, which says “Go to Leah … Find her …” And she finds her. She arrives at Leah’s place and all agree to find the Speer. Which the woman knows of its place. She is being asked what her name is, she replies “Maryarel, Guardian One”.

The tenth Level begins. Level 10: The Long Road to Somewhere. It is basically an seemingly endless road with hordes of demons and “The Gatekeeper” who, after being defeated, opens the gate to Level 11: Somewhere. It is a flippy, weird place with weird colors, rainbows, black streams and shady, blackened demons. They find the Speer and infuse it with his soul. Then! Diablo opens up a rift to Hell and we enter the last level. Level 12: Hell.

The player has to descend three layers, with weird whispers accompanying him throughout the level. Tyrael, Luke, Leah and Mayarael are caged. The endboss fight begins. The player defeats Diablo, destroys his soul and the end cutscene is being played. It shows Diablo being taken out of existence; including his soul. All demons in all Sanctuary disappear. Heaven returns to his former glory and and a happy, little rainbow indicates and end of the war. Luke and Leah become parents. We show their happy life. 

Credits roll.

The End.

Spotlight: Impeachment

I think everything has been said. Trump was so smart to make a call in public where everything can – and has been – heard. (Stable genius at work.) I don’t have much to add to what these thing became and will become. Most speak out against him, some will not recall, the Republicans do what they can to keep him in power; the usual clusterfuck. What irks me the most was the treatment of Trump the past few years since his election. I think we’ve all did it wrong. We should have been way more critical with him that making fun of him. But I put things up front.

Let’s talk how we treated him. Mostly by either ridicule him; or on the other hand trying to make sense of him. Two ways which were doomed to fail. Trump is the topic of every Late Show since his election. And don’t get me wrong! I watch every show of it. Too bad this distracts from his disastrous policies, decrees and acts. He did a lot of stuff. He signed a lot of stuff. (Not many that I actually know. I am honest.) But most of the time it was only a small headline: “Trump signs (XYZ) thing.” And that’s it. Or we simply made fun of him. (And boy we had fun.)

I think we’ve had damaged him way more by analyzing and deducting his actions more rational and less ridiculing. No, we cannot turn his followers against him. (This would surely fail.) But we could fight him with logic. With a rationale. This way we’d had him cornered with no way of evading. Yes, he would simply yell: “Fake news!” But he is the president. He cannot hide forever. At one point his facade would crumble and make the world see what he truly is: a seventy-three years five year old.

We should re-think our strategy when he may or may not re-elected. He thinks he can get away with everything. And the only that backup his “ideals” (he has no) are his rallies where he can rant and spit and shout like a small kid. (Or hump a flag.) We need to get him where it hurts the most: his ego. When we deflect childishness with pure maturity. (Which means “normal” for us normally intelligent people.) His way of thinking needs to exposed. (Even though he does not think.) If you have to make fun of him: don’t make fun of his antics; make fun of his politics.

Donald Trump is one of the many right-wing politicians currently invading our Western democracies. But the US has its constitution, checks and balances, and the amendments. It cannot be broken by one idiotic president. We need to grab him by his tiny balls and drag him into the real world. We should not feel intimidated because he is the president. We should feel encouraged to to what’s right for every democrat: defend our democratic ideals. Trump is an idiot. The rest of the world is not. And he should feel the burn.

Quick Thought: Half-Life VR

I said that „VR is not the future” and I might be wrong. I mean it is VALVe, but damn, this game looks sick. No one utilized motion gaming or Kinect, and I had thought no one manages to utilize VR. Maybe I was wrong. Can’t wait to see or maybe even play it.

Kommentar: Deutsche Politik – (In) Eine(r) Nussschale

Deutsche Politik ist schon was besonderes. Ja, wir können es wertschätzen halbwegs seriöse und nicht-populistische Kräfte an der Macht zu haben. Problematisch wird es nur bei teuer honorierten Reden, Posten in Aufsichtsräten oder in irgendwelchen Vereinen die angeblich bilaterale Bestrebungen fördern wollen, aber im Endeffekt nur Beziehungen zwischen Wirtschaft und Politik stärken. Die deutsche Politiklandschaft ist ziemlich durcheinander geschüttelt worden. Die CDU bei knapp 30%, SPD bei 14%, AfD ist drittstärkste Kraft. Nichts ist wie es mal war. Und dies ist der Krux an dem sie zugrunde geht. Niemand weiß, wie man auf die Veränderungen umgehen soll. Die deutsche Politik unter der Lupe.

Selbstbeweihräucherung bis zum Abwinken

Das liebt wohl jeder Politiker: sich zu inszenieren. Sie lieben es für Fotos zu posieren, Projekte zu fördern und auf Empfängen Kontakte zu knüpfen und zu pflegen. Das ist ja per se nicht schlecht. Gäbe es nicht ein Rektum voll Probleme an denen das gesamte Land nagt. Ende der Kohle, Emissionen, Umweltschäden, das veraltete Bildungssystem, das kranke Gesundheitssystem, fehlende Pfleger, Polizisten, Feuerwehrmänner, Lehrer, und was sonst noch. Wir haben viele Problem, und die, die sich damit auseinandersetzen müssten, weil es nunmal ihr Job ist, und sie dafür gewählt wurden, tun lieber leichte Dinge und lassen das Volk an Armut leiden. Der Sozialstaat der Armut fördert und nicht verhindert. Die fehlende Ambition die Energiewende zu gestalten. Es gäbe genug zu tun, um Experten zu befragen, das Volk zu befragen, Konzepte mit Wissenschaftlern und Beratern zu entwerfen. Politiker tun alles. Außer eigentlicher Politik.


Das habe ich noch nie verstanden. Man wählt aus Protest? Ich persönlich dachte immer man wählt aus Überzeugung. Man wählt die Grünen wegen der Umwelt, und die Linke wegen einer sozialen Umverteilung. Dann wählten alle AfD-Wähler die AfD, damit die SPD sich schämend in die Ecke stellen kann? Dann geht lieber gar nicht wählen. Wenn man aus Protest wählt bekommt man nämlich so etwas wie die AfD. AfD bedeutet: Keine Ahnung, kein Konzept, kein Plan. (Und irgendwie hat alles mit Flüchtlingen zu tun.) Wenn man schon Protest ausdrücken will, geht man protestieren. Wie die Fridays for Future. Oder die damit einhergehenden Scientists for Future. Man organisiert sich, man sammelt Resourcen und versucht Dinge anzuschieben. Was natürlich wieder viel zu aufwendig wäre. Dann wählt man lieber die AfD. (Na vielen Dank.) 

Immer nur, wenn es nicht anders geht

Atomausstieg. Elektroautos. Klimaschutz. Mindestlohn. CO2-Abgabe. (Eine eventuelle.) Alle Form von Veränderung kommt nur, weil es entweder zu spät dafür ist, oder man es so lange herausgezögert hat, bis es sich nicht mehr verhindern lies. Jetzt wo uns die Problem um die Ohren fliegen wird gehandelt. Erst muss das Kind im Brunnen ertrunken sein, bis jemand auf die Idee kommt ein Seil hinunterzulassen. Das ist einfach symptomatisch. Und meistens kommen die Gesetze mit einer verkrampften und uneinsichtigen Debatte daher. Die SPD will es, die CDU/CSU ist dagegen. Dann wird charmlos artikuliert, weil man so lange blockiert hat, und am Ende kommt dann doch noch das eilige benötigte Gesetz. Es ist einfach nur peinlich.

Wirtschaft? Na, was denn sonst! 

Das uns im Endeffekt die Wirtschaft regiert ist ein offenes Geheimnis. Das ist auch keine Verschwörungstheorie oder so etwas. Um es so zusammenzufassen, die Wirtschaft mischt sich in die Politik ein, zetert aber, wenn man sich in sie einmischt. Die Wirtschaft hat das G8 zu verantworten, wollte die Studiengänge verschulen, damit die Studenten schneller fertig sind, und sie verantwortet den Schwachsinn rund um das Thema Digitalisierung. Alles wird immer der Wirtschaft angepasst. (Da wundert es auch niemanden, das unzählige Politiker immer in die Wirtschaft wechseln.) Die Wirtschaft will Kohle, dann bleiben wir bei Kohle. Die Wirtschaft will Diesel, dann bleiben wir bei Diesel. Und die Bevölkerung hat denselben Eindruck. Für die Versicherungskonzerne gab es die Riester-Rente. Und für Hoteliers die Langnese-Steuer.* Wir sollten einfach offen und ehrlich werden. Wenn die Wirtschaft Zigarettenwerbung will, dann bleiben wir dabei. Ich könnte noch ewig so weitermachen. Um auf den Punkt zu kommen. Die Politik ist der lange Arm der Wirtschaft und bestimmt mit mehr Macht und Einfluss als einer Demokratie gut tut. Nicht gut.


Die deutsche Politik verpasst Chancen, verpasst die Themen der Zeit, handelt und agiert zu langsam oder gar nicht. Während Norwegen Emissionsfrei werden will, und Singapur die Städte mit Grün überzieht, während eine Stadt in Spanien die Autos aus den Innenstädten verbannt und Lehrer in Japan angesehen werden wie Ärzte; döst die deutsche Politik vor sich hin. Niemand hat Lust Stellung zu beziehen, alles muss immer Konform und Wählergerecht sein, und niemand hat den geringsten Ansporn auch nur irgendwas zu verändern. Warum macht ihr dann eigentlich Politik? Danke.

The Journey #8: Mad Meets Maniac

Matthew and his best friend leave the theater.

Matthew: It was like a mad man met a maniac.

Friend: Sounds like an awesome rap thing.

Matthew: Ey, yo. Listen to my word. My fat blinds me; I’m hurt. You suck. Like a steaming turd. Yo, Jimmy. The word I’m looking for is bird.

Jimmy: Ey, yo. Uh, ah. Fuck that shit, I, uh, am the sickest shit.

Both laughed and had a good time. 

N.E.T. #3 Article (Neutral) – Tweet Tweet Crow Industries

Crow Industries is NEU its leading tech corporation on the fields A.I., semiconductrors, smart technology and software. Their most popular product are so-called ‘wrist watchers.’ These are AI’s encased in wrist watches. It has a patent on it. A wrist watcher costs 50.549 Amero. Why is it so expensive? Because of its self-made AI software. This software allows human brain-like intelligence on a semiconductor. And you need to pay for this. (Former versions needed supecomputers. Just for comparison.)

The patent for ultraphone came from a joint venture with Intel. Which had the trademark for the term ‘ultrabook.’ Ultraphones have features like budget AI, 3D holo projection technology and 3D without glasses. The chip was named ‘Martha3D’, after Thelesis mother. The 3D stands for: Diversity, Divine, Dragnet. Dragnet is a services by Crow Industries. 

Founder Thelesis Crow lived in Silicon Valley where he started his first company called ‘Tweet Tweet.’ It crashed and burn after several years of making minus. He settled in Delaware and started ‘Crow Industries’ with his idea for an AI program. He took students from a university, who were working in a team, and paid them the rest of his money to develop his idea for an AI. It became a huge success an he hired them after their degree. And these AI’s are globally known and used. (Spectrum County is the only place where AI is more developed.) Crow Industries is known for very late bugfixing. It can takes years. One bug ended up making the AI calling its owner ‘master.’ Later it became an optional feature. 

Thelisis is the archetype of a billionaire. He is a genius, philanthropist and playboy. His endeavor for curing diseases made him popular. His hunting the most hated person in the world. Not much known is his secret mental illness. He has borderline and tries to hide it as good as he can. A hacker named ‘BeagleBite’ wanted to blackmail him by publishing it. He agreed and paid the 100.000 Amero.

Spotlight: Protest – The Next Level

What is the goal of a protest? Evoking change. Trying to persuade the people in charge in favor of the people protesting. For less costs of daily things, against corrupt officials, to support or defy a certain law. Protest is part – and key – to every democracy. (Or any other type of state; it depends.) Is is vital. It is needed. In Chile, in Iraq, or in Hong Kong. The world is ablaze. The people want change. They want that their will manifests itself in favor of corrupt or simply stupid politicians. We run into a problem though – protest don’t change a single thing. Protest has never stopped anything.

I can only speak for Germany. (Since I know its history better than other countries its protest.) In Germany Germans have protested against atomic power for thirty and more years. And the only reason Germany is free of atom power plants was the incident in Fukushima. (Long story.) Germans protested against ballistic missiles, against the dying of the woods, or against the transport of atomic waste through Germany. And nowadays they protest against cole mining and climate crisis. (Although climate crisis evoked protests around the globe.) But this proves my point; protest does not change anything. And it doesn’t even “raise awareness” or something.

But to make other points. The US protested against the Vietnam war and the Chinese protested against the Communist party. (The massacre.) It didn’t do anything. (Even though I have to point out, that US protests are democratic and Chinese protest happen or happened in a dictatorship.) Anyway. Protests are only a vehicle to express dissatisfaction communally. It is nothing bad; in fact it is very good. But it is not really an instrument for change. Protests are mostly trends or hypes or movements. The powerful are fully aware that they will disappear soon enough. And that breaks everything.

We must bring protesting to the next level: to action. Protesting is mostly an expression; and therefore very easy. Everyone can join a protest on Sunday afternoon to feel better about themselves. The real deal would be actual communication with the powerful and other people in charge. The next level is to express needs, dissatisfaction, ideas, concepts and other things to the powerful and force them to come to the table. In democracies the people have all the power. And a new way of protesting should express that.

We run into a problem though. If the protestors and the those who are protested for – or against – come to a round table; one has to loose. The officials have to change their politics, or the protestors have to accept that their ideas and visions are not welcomed. We need to shift the focus. From simple: “I am against!” To a: “Let’s talk.” This way things maychange. Only may. Why do I express this idea? Because I am sick and tired of both parties. The protestors – and the officials. It annoys me that people have a request and the officials simply dismiss it. And I don’t like that. They should listen because they have to.

To come to a close. Protesting is something that is useful and it benefits. (Even though only a little.) We must find a way to develop the idea of a democracy. From protest to dialogue. From election to real interest. From accepting democracy to defending it. Protesting is a good indication of how the people feel and think. And we should use that indicator to improve our democracies. Be it in the US, Germany or somewhere else.

Kommentar: Strategiepapier – SPD

Die SPD hat es schwer. Niemand wählt sie mehr. Ihre Politiker knicken regelmäßig ein. Sie wird in der Versenkung verschwinden. Aber warum ist das so? Warum gucken wir alle so tatenlos zu wie eine ehemalige Volkspartei einfach zu Grunde geht? Es gibt ein bisschen Hoffnung. Man könnte es wenigstens mal versuchen. Ich habe ein paar Gedanken niedergeschrieben, die versuchen, etwas zu helfen. Ich bilde mir nicht ein, dass sie das retten wird. Aber ein Versuch ist es jedenfalls wert. 

Die S.P.D.

Die Partei der Strategien, Programme und Denker. Die SPD ist veraltet, versteift, hat wenig jungen Input und hat generell der Bevölkerung nicht viel zu bieten. Ja, es gab die Mütterrente oder die geplante Grundrente. Ja, es gab den Mindestlohn (der nicht ausreicht). Alles schön und gut. Aber die Bevölkerung verlangt mehr! Und sie hat verdammt nochmal recht es auch zu bekommen. Man will einen Mindestlohn, der gegen Armut schützt, und eine Rente, die vor Armut schützt. Man will soziale Gerechtigkeit, und soziale Sicherheit. Sie sollten sich nicht nur plump auf alte Werte stützen. Sie sollte diese alten Konzepte modernisieren und auf das 21. Jahrhundert anwenden. Man muss mutig sein, man muss frisch sein, man muss auf die Bevölkerung zugehen. Es gibt diesen Konsens, das Politiker sich zu weit von der Basis entfernt hätten. Da ist auch partial was dran. Daher denke ich das Gesprächsrunden mit SPD’lern und Besuche an Stammtischen vielleicht Früchte bringen. Man muss die Zukunft gestalten. (Das wusste schon Willy Brandt.)

Der „kleine Mann“

Den gibt es nicht mehr. Simpel und einfach. Es gibt keine Kohlearbeiter mehr, keine Fabrikarbeiter mehr, keine Industriearbeiter mehr. (Es gibst sie ja noch, nur versuche ich einen Punkt zu machen.) Es gibt Verkäufer, ja. Es gibt Frisöre und Bürokaufmänner. Ja, es gibt noch Gering- und Normalverdiener. Und diese Menschen müssen von der Politik beachtet werden. Man muss an diese neue Lebenswirklichkeit der Menschen andocken. An die Azubis in den Betrieben. An die Leute in Gewerkschaften. Man muss sich quasi den „neuen“ kleinen Mann ins Boot holen. Wenn man diese Demografik beachtet und abholt, könnte die SPD neue „alte“ Wähler für sich gewinnen. Die CDU wird nur gewählt, weil … um ehrlich zu sein weiß ich es nicht. Wahrscheinlich, weil die Wähler schon immer CDU gewählt haben. (Schulterzuck.) Die CDU ist nur so stark, wegen ihres konkreten Profil. (Meistens Sicherheit und wirtschaftliche Prosperität.) Dies muss auch für die SPD gelten. Sie muss sich klar und neu definieren.

Es gibt immer noch rot-rot

Dies wäre glaube ich die verzweifelste und nichts würde mehr aussagen: Wir geben auf. Ein Zusammenschluss mit der Partei Die Linke. Davon würden auch eher nur Die Linke profitieren. Aber es wäre ein Schritt in eine halbwegs realistische Zukunft. Man könnte die Kräfte bündeln; und auch die Resourcen. Die Linke macht als einzige Partei wirklich Politik für die allgemeine Bevölkerung. Sie rechnet Dinge durch, will besseren Mindestlohn und besseren Schutz vor Armut. Alles wofür die SPD ebenfalls mal stand. Man könnte auch einfach die Themen klauen. (Aber das wäre unredlich.) Jedenfalls wäre es eine Option. Mehr auch nicht.


Die SPD ist selber Schuld. Sie ignoriert konstant den Willen des Volkes. (Der in einer Demokratie die Macht besitzt.) Sie kabbelt andauern mit der CDU. (Die GroKo ist ebenfalls selber Schuld.) Und sie interessiert sich nicht im Geringsten für das, was die Leute bewegt. (Dies könnte auch ein Symptom für die gesamte Politik sein, aber es geht um die SPD.) Wenn die SPD wirklich überleben will, dann sollte sie sich mit Visionären und Wissenschaftlern auseinander setzen. Sie sollte die neusten Konzept und Entwürfe an die Politik anpassen und in Gesetzesform gießen. Die Zukunft gehört denen, die sich gestalten. Nicht denen, die einfach da sitzen und nur so tun.

The Question Marked #4: Loving the Most

Sandy: Now a more grounded and simpler question: What do you love the most?

N. Burg: Oh, many things. And not many things. I love simplicity. A simple system is an efficient system, you know. A simple life makes me happy. Don’t dealing with deadlines, traveling or public appearances. I can get up, eat something, write something, think something. No one forces me to do things. No one makes me do things. I do it out of very own motivation and aspiration. I enjoy that. A lot. Also, I do enjoy creativity. I think creativity makes our world better. Music makes people happy, art makes people think, movies make people cry and games make people laugh. Creativity sets us apart. It gives us differentiation and makes humans unique. People begin to create their own biography and motivations. It gives them the opportunity to give others a good time. Hence I don’t like, what I call, extreme things like violence or sex. I never wrote such things into my own creative output. We should focus more on positive things and a more happier approach. Even though it makes things less … interesting to say the least. (laughs). I also love energy drinks. I drink them every week.