N.E.T. #7 Article (Neutral) – Jet Frequency

et Frequency’s frequency is the most frequented frequency in the second half of the 21st century. Presenting the most popular songs and oldies aswell. The reach of more than 2 billion listeners allows for all sorts of programming and creative direction. It’s owner, a reclusive millionaire named Donald Dreak, only airs what he wants to hear. Making it kind of hard to find the right tone because his taste differs each month.

The hosts for the day, Carly Callandra, Shiva Kohn, Timothy Baen, Ryan Uchester and Jake Sack, are among the most popuar people on the planet. Their social media accounts can keep up with Hollywood actors. Becoming a host on this airwave is hard. Not because of a degree but because of the job interview held by Donal Dreak. His antics left many people confused and irritated. The actual process is kept secret and a non-disclouse agreement forbids talking. Too bad.

The reason most people know of Jet Frequency is due to a PR stunt thought up and executed by Donald Dreak. He paid people to walk through the streets of many global cities and play music coming from a boom box. And a hidden code was weaved into it. The one who decipers it won plenty of money. It not only made PR but also gained a lot of new listeners. Mr. Dreak may be odd; but he sure knows how to earn his millions.

POP!: Broken Bridges – Super Mario Bros.: A Tale of 4 Brothers

Super Mario is known for good gameplay. Not much for good storytelling. Yes, they was Super Mario Sunshine. And I don’t think it was a failed experiment. It was just terrible storytelling. I deeply believe you can pump out a bouncing story for every franchise in the gaming industry. Today? Super Mario Bros. They are many stories regarding Mario and Luigi. They are brothers after all. But what if I change some parameters an make Wario and Waluigi also a brother? This opens up a brand new dynamic. I am your Narrative Consultant. 

The story begins in Mario’s house. He invited his brothers Luigi, Waluigi and Wario for a Halloween party. All four are sitting around a table eating candy and drinking soda. Wario accidentally spurts some soda onto his shirt and everyone laughs. Someone is ringing the door. A few Koopa Troopas do trick or treat. Mario goes back to the table, only to notice that the brothers are gone. He shouts and yells: “Where are you?” “Where are you?” Then a lightning strikes and a shadowy figure is noticeable standing next to the window. Mario scares. He asks who this person is. He says he is a ninja called Raz. He warns about his former master. A being called Big Noo. Big Noo is the most powerful boo in the Mushroom Kingdom. He is about to cast a shadow onto the land and Raz needs Mario his help to save his and Mario its friends. Mario agrees to help and both leave the house. 

Raz and Mario walk down the road, talking a bit. Raz mentions he is the only ninja left. All others were “gathered to a mysterious place only known as the Shadowclaw Prison”. Both find Luigi’s hat. Mario is about to weep and Raz cheers him up. A few Goombas attack and the first world begins. (L 1-1). (World 1 is called: Nightmare Forest). Mario runs halfway through until he reaches a boo named Booya. He mentions his master and that a huge shadow will be cast over the Kingdom. Mario has do defeat him. Booya disappears with cryptic remark that “Big Noo already conquered the King”. Leaving open if that is Bowser or the King of the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario enters level 2-1, 3-1 and 4-1, and in 5-1 he meets a beaten ninja. Raz recognizes him as Niyi; a female ninja. She explains evil ghost have blinded her and let her stumble and fall. Raz says she should go to “the usual place”. And she vanishes. Mario arrives at the endboss for World 1. It is a dry bones Koopaling named Dry Vains. Who casts a silverly liquid at him and Mario has to evade. He defeats Dry Vains and Raz asks for information. Dry Vains says he knows nothing, only that a certain “Yiyi” is hiding atop the castle in World 2. World 1 is completed.

Mario and Raz run down the road. A beacon of light shines through the thick and grey clouds. Both reach it, finding a woman that resembles Rosalina. She calles herself “Roselina” and says she descended “from the heavens” to help defeat Big Noo. But she is weakened. Raz mixes a drink and gives it to her. She thanks and says she is needed somewhere else. Raz offers help and Mario has to enter World 2. (World 2 is called: Dark Shore). The levels consist of beaches, wavey lands, and a walk on water towards World 3. World 1-2. Mario runs and jumps through to find a shadow of Wario. Mario slowly approaches it, only to scare it off. The player has to chase the shadow of Wario. On the level its ending it comes to a confrontation. Mario asks “what happened?”, Wario answers “a boo took their souls out of their bodies and the bodies disappeared”. Mario sees the shadow vanish and enters 2-2. In 2-2, 2-3 not much happens. In 2-4 Mario runs into a shrouded figure resembling Bowser. This figure explains someone has kidnapped Princess Peach and “his life has no meaning anymore”. He begins to weep and vanishes via a flying machine. Mario is left alone. Raz reappears! He explains to have find a mean to defeat the shadows and boos. Both need to find Light Island off the shore. Both agree. Mario defeats level 5-2 and arrive at Light Island.

(Light Island is World 3). Both arrive at the beach and see a huge castle atop the volcano. Raz encourages Mario to defeat all evil. Only for Mario to find a message in a bottle. It is a letter from Waluigi. He says he is kept in a cell in dungeon without daylight. He hears a lot of weeping citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom. He begs the finder for help. Raz encourages him once more. In Level 1-3 and 2-3, nothing happens. In Level 3-3 both arrive in the cave which is guarded by a mid-level-boss Mario has to defeat. It is Kamek, the wizard. Kamek brags about his powers and casts several spells to defeat Mario. The first spell is a clone of Mario, the second spell and poisonous mushroom the player has to avoid, the third spell is a giant Mario, where the player takes control of Raz to defeat him. Kamek is defeated and leaves his magical rod behind. Raz manages to open the gate and destroy the rod. Both enter Level 4-3. Inside the volcano not much happens. Until they arrive in Level 5-3; the castle. Mario has to ascend higher and higher until he reaches “the Chamber”. A dark, twisted version of Princess Peach plays a role and tries to manipulate Mario, Raz sees it through and dismantles it. A boss fight occurs. The dark, twisted Peach is a clone of the real Princess Peach who is in a cage next to Big Noo, who speaks directly to Mario and Raz. He says his “plan is in full motion” and “his brothers are already … zombies”. Mario and Raz escape the crumbling castle.

Raz helps Mario to return to the mainland. Raz says “he is sorry and hopes for the best”. A hurricane occurs and both a washed to Level 4, named Nightmare Zone. Here colorful and happy levels blend with dark and mysterious things that have no explanation. Mario and Raz arrive and find Luigi who is “happy to see his brother” and “manged to escape with the help of a ninja”. Raz opens a scroll and makes a portal appear for him to go to a safe place. Mario and Luigi hug and Luigi leaves. Level 1-4, 2-4, 3-4; nothing happens. In Level 4-4, both arrive in a huge whirl. Mario has to run against the time in order to stop the whirl from destroying Mushroom Kingdom. It is Metal Mario! He mirrors Mario and the real Mario needs to defeat him by combining several jumps and power-ups. Metal Mario is defeated and Mario and Raz arrive in Level 5-4. It is simply a road towards Level 5.

Mario and Raz arrive in Level 5, name Happy Town. No darkness, no shadows, no twisted things; only happy things. (Or simply the usual Mario stuff in Mario games.) Mario speaks to the citizens, getting no reply. A wandering Boo walks around Raz hides Mario and him behind a smoke curtain. Raz thinks something is wrong and sees Big Noo’s castle. Both rush towards and enter Level 1-5. It is the road uphill. Level 2-5 is the yard. Level 3-5 is the inside. Mario needs to rush, jump, defeat enemies. In Level 4-5, Mario and Raz arrive at Big Noo’s room. Big Noo brags about his “new and great endeavor to rule the land” and to “bring peace and harmony to the Kingdom”. The big endboss fight. Mario has to defeat his three phases. In the first phase, he needs to jump onto his crown. In the second phase he needs to outrun his lazers. In the third phase he needs to defeat underlings in order to jump on his crown. After his defeat the curse is lifted and the dark vanishes from the the land. Mario finds Waluigi and Wario to rejoyce with his brothers. 

Credits roll.


All four brothers enjoy tea with Princes Peach and the ending states: “They lived happily ever after.”

The End.

Just One Thought: Why humans suck

Oh, dear humans. I must admit. You are a cute species. You populate a planet and all you do is to destroy it. You value conformism more than individualism. You have a tendency to destroy everything; including yourself. You kill each other. You lie. (A lot.) You have no idea what true meaning means. You have no idea about life, the world, your mind, or even your own personality. You run around yelling and screaming like what you are: nothing but a huge infant. Not able to learn. Not able to understand. Not able to behave. Enough with this. Let’s dive in.

Thriving for convenience more than anything else

Every invention since the stone age made your life easier. From bow and arrow, to the sword, to printing, and to cars. This is not inherently bad. I love convenience. I love having a computer in my pocket or charter a flying machine to cross the continents. Too bad this made people lazy, fat, angry and stupid. Since everyone and everything is designed to make your life easier; everything takes a lot of ‘doing’ off of you. This means you don’t cook, you heat up. You don’t use your bike, you take a cab. The problems with convenience goes much further. Due to plastic – which you are not recycling – the whole planet has become a big, huge dumpster. Due to finite resources like oil, the planet heats up. You should consider some things. Will you waste your life with fast food and reality tv? Or will you read a book to learn and understand? I can’t make that decision for you. All I can say is how you’ve wasted 70 plus years only because you were too lazy. Don’t blame me. Blame yourself.

Love to hate

Humans have the tendency to do what others do. This stone age instinct saved us from extinction. Nowadays it is an annoyance and can kill. Societies in China agree to be controlled and surveilled. Societies in the US agree to eat unhealthy and enjoy sports on a screen instead of doing it themselves. Societies in Germany have agreed to not fight Nazis and accept them as, I don’t know, something they consider fighting is not needed. And this instinct took over humans call internet. Where hate is more present than pornography. People have the instinct to seek groups and be accepted as part of them. That’s why people become Nazis. That’s why people become racists. That’s why people click the ‘Like’ button like it has any meaning. The love for hate is not a normal instinct in a sense that it can be considered normal. It is simple psychology. (As I said before.) The problem is that no one questions this hate. And those who do are smart enough to not use social media. Key in point is: such hate is nothing but a phenomena of our time. And the only thing conquering a phenomena is a different phenomena. We need hope. We need courage. We need strong people. Everything a human is not. What a pity.

Emotions before reason

This is another that can be explained by science. (Or psychology of this sort.) People are driven by their emotions. Which they neither understand, nor control, nor want to understand, nor want to control. Humans are often brain slaves. Their entire life is dictated by chemical reactions and hormones. Hence they drink excessively, they do other drugs, they join gangs or become criminals. And people always want more. This is how the human brain works. You get hooked and need more and higher dosages each time. That’s why I deem the human species … broken to say the least. We don’t know how real humans are. Because the handful of people being normal are not visible or known to the public eye. Real humans are driven by reason, deduction, thinking and reflecting. That’s why humans mostly suck.

Case in point

I could argue all day long. I can write until my fingers bleed. Humans don’t like to hear that they suck. (Which then ends in telling me that I suck.) They are arrogant, ignorant and evil. Humans are a disgrace for nature. They love to follow and to conform; not to question and resist. They do not like being unhappy. They do not like to be told their life or their way of living is not fine. Which in the end is fine with me. Waste your life. Go ahead. Do yourself a favor. And do us a favor too. We can do something worthwhile and immortal. Become giants. No. Become legends. You don’t know us. But we know you. Who we are? The doubt in your thought. The hope in your heart. The beacon of light that guides the way. We are real humans.

Kommentar: Die (verrohte) Gesellschaft

Was soll man zum akuten Zustand unserer Gesellschaft sagen. Es ist traurig. Gaffer, die Rettungsleute blockieren. Missbrauch des Notrufs. Das Wählen der AfD. Dazu noch Hassrede im Internet, rechte Terroristen, rechte Strukturen im Staatsgebilde. Das Abzocken von alten Menschen mit Enkeltrick, falscher Polizist oder Kaffeefahrt. Außerdem Klimakrise, Clan-Kriminalität und eine regelrechte Kultur von Asozialen mit Gangsta-Rap und anderen schändlichen Dingen wie MMA oder Wettbüros. Kurz um: Wir haben einen Arsch voller Probleme.

Kann man es wirklich alles auf das Internet schieben? Ja. Aber nur bedingt. Das Internet ist ein Brandbeschleuniger, von Dingen, die bereits existieren. Es sind unsere gesellschaftlichen Strukturen. In Japan gibt es NEETs (Nicht in Arbeit, Ausbildung oder Schule), in den USA gibt es Red Necks und in Deutschland gibt keine Ächtung von negativem Verhalten. Wofür ich vollstes Verständnis habe. Die Unschuldigen – die guten Menschen – leben in Angst. Zu recht! Wer sich gegen eine aggressive Person richtet, der muss damit rechnen selber Opfer von Gewalt zu werden. (Was schon oft genug vorkam.)

Es herrscht ein Klima der Unterdrückung von Rechtschaffenheit. Nazis sind nicht nur bestens organisiert, sie sind auch bekannt dafür Kritiker und “Feinde” zu bekämpfen; ja, gar zu töten. Die Angst beherrscht unsere Gesellschaft. Und wenn es nicht Nazis sind, sind es aggressive Pöbler, Hooligans oder respektlose Individuen. Und wir haben genug Katalysatoren. Wie die bereits genannte AfD oder das Internet. Wir erleben einen Aufstieg von dummen und asozialen Menschen. Und sie sind gefährlicher denn je. Denn sie sind in der Überzahl. (Die Wählerschaft de AfD kommt nicht aus dem Nirgendwo.)

Wenn wir uns mit der Verrohung auseinandersetzen, dann müssen wir den Staat rufen. Sie muss den de facto kriminellen und gefährlichen Teil – jedenfalls den den man bekämpfen kann – auch bekämpfen. Nur rennen wir hier in ein uraltes Problem das schon während des RAF-Terrors evident war: der Staat kann niemanden beschützen. Weder vor Asozialen noch vor Kriminellen oder Nazis. Der Staat entweder nur zu oder hat überhaupt null Ahnung was er tun muss. “Die Rechten sind im Internet!” Und keine Reaktion. Wenn man deren Discord-Server (Discord ist ein Kommonukationsprogramm) platt macht würden die erst mal dumm gucken. (Salopp formuliert.) 

Wir können es zwar nichts, müssten es aber: Rechts verbieten. Es gibt schon den Straftatsbestand der Volkverhetzung. Warum kann Hassrede nicht verboten werden? Wenn eine Renate Künast angegangen wird ist das wohl kaum freie Meinungsäußerung; es ist Sprachlicher Missbrauch. (Ein freierfundener Term für Hass als Straftat.) Warum wird die AfD nicht beobachtet? Die haben Die Linke beobachtet! Und diese stand von Anfang an auf demokratischem Boden. Man muss Exit-Programme fördern, damit Nazis raus können. Man muss explizit Nazis die Straftaten begangen haben zur Verhaltenstherapie schicken, damit diese Leute ins Denken kommen und zum Schluss kommen, dass das was sie tun überhaupt nicht cool ist.

Und wenn wir uns die Gesamtbreite der Gesellschaft angucken. Tja, da wird einem mulmig. Negatives Verhalten wird nicht nur tolieriert, sondern auch gefördert. Das fängt bei mobbenden Jugendlichen an und hört bei alten AfD-Wählern auf. Unsere gesamt Gesellschaft ist zerfressen von Oberflächlichkeit von entweder naiven Hippies oder eiskalten Extremisten. Wir müssten das Mensch-sein neu denken. Wie wollen wir uns selber sehen? Wie wollen wir uns geben? Wie wollen wir nehmen? Aber ich kämpfe damit schon mit diesem Text den sie gerade lesen gegen Windmühlen.

Der Mensch mag keine Veränderung. Er wird (schlecht) erzogen, lebt mit seiner Prägung, und stirbt. Ich habe kein finales Konzept gegen Verrohung. Es gibt einfach zu wenig gute Menschen auf dieser Welt. Und insbesondere auf dem Fleckchen den wir Deutschland nennen. Wir könnten rechte Server vom Netz nehmen, Therapie verordnen, Ächtung ausüben, das Gute sammeln, rechte Strukture unterwandern und auseinandernehmen, oder einfach eine Politik machen, die die Leute abholt, ernst nimmt und ihnen ehrlich die Meinung sagt. Die Politik lebt in ihrer eigenen Parallelgesellschaft. (Mit 8000+ im Monat bestimmt angenehmt.) Sie tut alles, außer wirklich gute Politik zu machen. Man wählt die CDU ab; und nicht die AfD hoch. Ich bin Realist. Nichtmal rot-rot-grün ist ein Allheilsbringer. Um es zusammenzufassen: solange die Dinge sind wie sie sind, wird sich auch nichts ändern. 

The Question Marked #5: Challenge Accepted!

Sandy: You said every work and project is a challenge? Can you explain that for my readers?

N. Burg: Yes, you already answered that question. Every project is a challenge. I may use some elements from previous works but I never copy or ‘steal’ something. Yes, I adapt other’s works into my own work but never blatantly copied or stole anything. I’d rather call it inspiration. Every new book, new song, new poem offers a new challenge because I do not like repeat myself. I always say something new. Even though I admit that topics may repeat or certain aspects like Jesus and God or the element of wind and pirates. But I never say the same thing twice. It is my own approach to myself to always bring something new to the table. I don’t want to bore my audience or give them the feeling I recycled something. Yes, some projects have a certain system like the Alphabet stories. Some are trilogies, some are anthologies. But never the same thing. When I write Part I, Part II will be vastly different. At least I try to make it like this. (laughs). And a challenge, yes, as a way to express new things. I admit I have certain topics I repeatedly use; but I always try to thrive for new topics or take old topics and offer a fresh perspective. Every project is a challenge, yes.

N.E.T. #6 Article (Neutral) – Vika Street, Skylake, 5 a.m.

Oh, Vika Street. Beloved and despised in almost every possible way. Vika Street is the most western street, near the multicopter services and the elevators. But why is it so beloved? An insomiac / musician begins to play at this time. He tries to sleep, fails and begins to play on his instruments. Which are plenty.

Nobody knows who lives in the apartment there. People only hear the beautiful music coming from the window. Since it has no video surveillance, or others living close, it stays an enigma. The apartment buiding itself has high security standards and no one can enter it without an ID card.

Then the music aprubtly stops because, as presumed and nourished by a rumor, the pills begin to work. No one knows if the citizen has any idea of his reputation. Or if others even listen. The mayor forbid loitering and a police man checks irregularily if someone loiters. Some couples who are in love love to go home in the morning, enjoying beautiful music. And the rest is.. history.

Kommentar: Es geht (nicht) anders

Es klingt merkwürdig, wenn man das so sagt, aber: Veränderung geht nicht ohne Veränderung. Wenn wir alle Veränderung wollen, dann müssen wir uns – und die Dinge – verändern. Wir müssen nicht Autos und Flüge verbieten. Wir müssten es aber besser regulieren. Der Verkehrs-Kollaps ist nur ein Aspekt. Es ändert sich nur nichts, weil die Autohersteller dumm und dämlich verdienen. Wir müssen weniger Plastik herstellen. Das geht aber nicht, weil sich die Chemiehersteller dumm und dämlich verdienen. Wir müssten Inlandsflüge verbieten. Das geht aber nicht, weil die Fluggesellschaften sich dumm und dämlich verdienen. Man kriegt den Punkt den ich äußern will.

Nur wenn wir die Probleme als ganz gesellschaftlich betrachten können wir sie lösen. Diese Probleme betreffen uns nämlich alle. Verkehr, Reisen, Jobs in der Industrie. Wir sollten uns eigentlich alle zusammentun und diskutieren. Nur leider rennen wir hier in ein großes Problem des 21. Jahrhundert. Ziviler Diskurs ist gar nicht mehr möglich. Es werden Menschen schwer verletzt oder gar getötet. Es läuft alles nur über den Impuls und durch die Filterblase. Es gab die letzten 5000 Jahre keinen zivilen Diskurs. Und jetzt, dank dem Internet, könnten wir ihn haben. Aber erst recht wegen dem Internet haben wir ihn nicht. (Schlecht, nicht wahr?) 

Wir leben in einem diffusen Gefühl aus Angst und gegenseitigem Hasses. Die kleine, laute Minderheit hat die große Mehrheit lahmgelegt und paralysiert. Jetzt ist jede Form von Veränderung im Vorhinein unmöglich gemacht. Aber es geht nicht anders. Wir müssen Reisen einschränken, Autoverkehr, Kohleverstromung am besten gleich beenden, mehr Windräder, mehr dezentrale Energieversorgung und mehr Speicherlösungen für Strom. Doch das will niemand in der Bevölkerung. Und die, die es vielleicht diskutieren wollen, haben Angst. Was ich vollstens verstehen kann. 

Wir haben uns hier unsere eigene Diktatur geschaffen. Inklusive Shitstorm und Hatespeech. Die Bösen wandern durch Stadt und Land, Facebook-Seite und Twitter-Feed, und terrorisieren die Unschuldigen. Und die Unschuldigen verbarrikadieren sich in in selbstgewählter Isolation. Im Endeffekt können wir nur hoffen, das mal etwas dagegen getan wird. Wovon man aber nicht ausgehen darf. Denn Facebook will weiterhin Milliarden verdienen, und hasserfüllte Menschen so stark durch ihr Gehirn gesteuert werden, das sie lieber Selbstmord begehen würden, als Einsichtig zu sein. Mit gesundem Menschenverstand kommt man hier nicht weit. 

Was kann man also machen? Wir umgehen das System. Wir gehen auf Demos, halten uns aus dem Internet fern, und umschiffen die Hater. Ihre Attacken müssen ins Leere laufen. Sie können sich ja gern gegenseitig terrorisieren. Der Mensch mit dem gesunden Menschenverstand sollte lieber in Diskurs mit anderen normalen Menschen gehen. Sich lieber in das Zwiegespräch mit friedlichen Menschen begeben. Die Hater bleiben eh unter sich. Denen ist egal, wen ihr Hass trifft. Sie wollen sich nur für einen kurzen Moment besser fühlen. Lasst sie allein. Lasst sie in Frieden. Am Ende geht es um den Erhalt der Menschlichkeit. Und das, sollte uns alle betreffen.

P.O.V.: Joker

Did I like?
A simple yes.

Joker is one of that movies I needed to see because there was so much buzz around it. Yes, the first trailer intriguied me. Yes, I found it fascinating. But I was also rather peculiar because I feared it would disturb me mentally and scar my soul. I am not a fan of extreme violence, even violence, or gore. I think Logan was the most brutal film I’ve ever seen. But since many pointed out how “harmless” it was, I had to see it. Plus I needed to convince my father to see it with me. Spoiler Alert: He did not like it. 

+ The Script

Dear Jesus. Intense. Subtle. Extreme. But also simple, tamed and without much direction. Some said it was just “a collection of scenes”. And it was … just that. I mean there was a red line going through the movie. The whole story arc of Joker – from loser to cherished psychopath – was told in exactly the right pace. I have never ever seen a better pacing of a movie. This must be due to the consistent script. The downfall of Arthur Fleck has been told with so much attention to detail, so much attention for characters; that it simple blew my mind.

+ The Scene(s)

Every. Scene. In every scene I could not wait the pay of i.e. knowing how things would turn out. Every new scene I watched from the edge of my seat and I wanted to know how this will turn out, how this progresses, how this will end up. And the tension rose with each scene since it got more “extreme” with each new scene. As a said in the foregoing section, I was impressed how expectations were turned and twisted each time. And never were able to anticipate how the thing will turn out. Im. Pres. Sive.

+ The Joker

Was this the best Joker? Better than Ledger? Surely better than Leto. This Joker was the exactly right version. It was the best adaptation of the comic book character since every version and movie he appeared him. He was this relentless, unnerving psychopath that had no moral compass or any empathy. There was even a scene, without spoiling much, where one person was trapped with him in a room. And that represents Joker. You never know how he will react, how will he turn out to be. This Joker was like every comic book reader should wanted him to be.

– The Score

The most dullest, boring and simplest score ever. There were like three different version of the main sound and it repeated every five minute. There was no dynamic or tension in it after a while. You knew it would get louder, then quieter, then louder again. There was not much to work with in terms of anticipation of the music. Usually the score elevates the story and helps build tension and drama. If it repeats every five minutes – there is none of it. Too bad.

Bottom line: I wish I could write such good scripts.

Rudy’s Rating: SchuG (Did not like it. Regretted buying ticket.)


I’d like to introduce a new ranking system for the five things I care about most in movie making.

Ranking System


1 Lowsy 

2 Average

3 Decent

4 Superb

5 Kick-ass (X)


1 Blunt

2 Bad

3 Watchable

4 Great (X)

5 Diamond-cut


1 Needed a new draft

2 Needed to be rewritten

3 Well written

4 Awesome

5 Unmatched (X)


1 Helpless

2 Nice try

3 Formidable

4 Knows how (X)

5 Spielberg-style


1 Unworthy

2 Fine

3 Good

4 Masterclass

5 Oscar-worty (X)